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Q - move up-left
W, arrow up - move up
E - move up-right
A, arrow left - move left
S - stop
D, arrow right - move right
Z - move down-left
X, arrow down - move down
C - move down-right
Space - kick ahead
Mouse click - kick directly
1 - supply doping
2 - supply health
3 - foul
Game strategy
Play the game are at stadiums. You can join already going match or create stadium and begin game, having waited, while other participants won't join you. While the command of contenders has no player, the stadium works in training mode, and it is impossible to score a goal into another's gate.

To take hold of a ball is necessary to overtake it. Speed with a ball is defined by ability of the player to dribbling, it is primary less then speed without a ball.

To overtake a ball is necessary to catch the player owning it. The player who has lost a ball, for some time loses ability to take hold of it. This case the player layer has a strong frame. Recovery of a ball control require several seconds caused by abilities of the player to moral qualities.

If you have a supply of recovery of control, you can push digit 2 button, and it happens immediately. In critical situation when you have no possibility to recover control use foul supply by digit 3 button, and your contender will lose a ball, and also control.

Player's skills: speed, morals, dribbling, shock strong - can be update if your account has enough experience and woons amount. Experience is given for hammered personally or a command goals, victories and drawn games. Woons and other supplies (dope, control, foul) are periodically thrown out in the field during game, and get to the one who will pick up them first. Also expendable materials can be acquired for woons.

Incoming player appears at side on a midfield. You can select role of the player: goalkeeper, defender, midfield or forward. In case of game renewal your player will appear on the same position as it. It is important at command game. For example, if your command has forwards only, contender's team after start from a midfield point will have huge chance at once to amaze unguarded goal.

Whether you are not registered on a site represent itself as the junior without having access to improving of skills, supplies or podition choice (you will always appear in a defender zone).

Play a pass, first of all it is a command interaction game.

Advance your player skills thoughtfully according to the selected role. At list, goalkeeper responses by speed is most important, forward needs dribbling, midfield weeding force of shock, defender - morally-strong-willed qualities. Make up your player superstar. Invite your friends and collect a dream-team, capable to win always and take any cup.
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